Life, Work Balance

How possible is it for women to acheive a life, work balance?

Its seems is an issue with growing importance these days, as more and more parents change the traditional family settings and move into different working patterns, new, unfamiliar problems in balancing work and life rise, and suddenly becomes an important subject.

So much has changed in our work patterns in the last decade that many people are finding a better balance and able to hold onto what is considered the “family values”. , or sharing work duties between an external office and the home office, family duties, tasks and activities are shifting and changing into a much more flexible working environment.

is all about managing your time between the necessary and the desired. With good time management and regulated scheduls you do have time enough to do everything you want to do, as long as you prioritize and fully understand what it is that you want to acheive in your day. is about setting scheduals and working your time smartly, categorising how much each and every detail in your daily routine is important to you and to your goals and where they sit on an importance factor.

Two key elements for better work life balance are prioritizing and delegating.

Prioritizing starts by simply understanding what you wish to achieve and how you will achieve, and that with good balance you can fit most into each day, or some time each week. Work life balance, for many of us, is really about balancing work and family, prioritizing draws a clear picture, sometimes not one that looks acheivable, but give up your favorite pass times does not need to occur if you prioritise your work loads. Eventually, as your work life balance skills improve – you will benefit from your schedualling and routines. Prioritizing is the first step to better work life balance because it starts the process of understanding the activities limited on a daily basis, and the necessity to creating time management so you can achieve.

Delegating work is another work life balance tool, this is something you can use to deal with growing tasks and not managing your workload. Managing time is the same as tasks management, and both are in fact the basics of work life management, in the daily routine, planning is essential to achieve this life balance, Personal life can improve significantly by better work life balance, so maintaining your healthy both physically and mentally are super important.

One more thought about work life balance: Have you ever felt the difference between how an unplanned day passes very quickly, and the planned one went as quickly but so much more was achieved. At the end of the day which makes you feel more satisfied?

Mapping out and fully understanding the time allocation needed for the tasks you wish to acheive is super important, and a great challenge. As with all life work balance challenges, going to bed at night and feeling like you have acheived 90% of what you planned to do, and that your day had the structure of good work and personal activities, will certainly make you feel positive, keeping the equilibrium between both your work balance & mental health.

Start thinking about work life balance in your life today, balancing work and life is not impossible and it is something all of us require. Having life work balance will allow you to enjoy more quality time both personal and work related.

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