Soul mate relationships

Whether you are looking for a best friend or a lover, one of the major resources people use is to check their horoscopes for matchmaking advice. After all, if personality is clearly laid out by a person’s sign, then it should be pretty easy to tell whether or not that person is going to be compatible.

It’s not as simple as that, of course. Other factors in a person’s horoscope can influence those basic rules, or even counter them entirely.

To find a using astrology is deeper than just finding a person that falls within a sign. It certainly does not mean they’re going to be a perfect match for the general depiction of that sign. Still, it’s fun and interesting to check for compatibility through a horoscope.

As a general rule, your “perfect match” is likely to be at the opposite side of the Zodiac from you. That is, Aries with Libra, Taurus with Scorpio, Cancer with Capricorn, Leo with Aquarius, Virgo with Pisces, Sagittarius with Gemini.

Those signs opposing each other across the Zodiac tend to balance out, supporting each other’s strengths and countering each other’s weaknesses—provided, of course, that the personality differences can be smoothed over.

As an example, Cancer has a very strong “family instinct.” Cancers want to have a strong and secure home life. This mindset is likely to drive away several other signs, like dominant Aries or travel-oriented Sagittarius. Capricorn, however, has a similar attitude towards home and in general, the two would get along just fine… provided, of course, the Cancer could learn to cope with the Capricorn’s penchant for gloom and depression.

The signs that definitely do not get along are the ones that have a core difference. Sagittarius is known for traveling, and would drive the home-focused Cancer to distraction. Detail-oriented and critical Virgo would grate on the nerves of self-centered and bossy Aries. And bright and cheerful Libra would never be able to handle a life darkened by shady, mysterious Scorpio.

With all of this in mind we can also use the guidance of Astrology to show us how to maintain a relationship.

How to use Astrology to improve Relationships

Astrology is the study of the stars and their influence on our daily lives. The study of astrology can allow you to understand how these influences affect your life and the people around you. This can help you to better plan and deal with all of your relationships as we mentioned including finding that .

The first step in using astrology to improve or create your relationship is to obtain your own astrological birth chart.

Your astrological birth chart and its interpretation can help you understand your origins and underlying forces behind your behavior and reactions to others. With further study of astrological influences you will begin to understand YOU and be assisted in finding the best times for you to make decisions and work through problems that can occur in relationships.

The next step in using astrology to improve your relationships or find your soul mate best friend would be to obtain the astrological birth chart of the people that you want to become closer to. These astrological birth charts and their interpretations will enable you to see some things about these people that you may have not yet noticed in your search for a . They will also allow you to learn more about their origins, and the events that may have occurred in their lives to bring them from this pure personality to the person that they are today.

With further study of the art of astrology you can learn how the various planets, planetary movements and alignments, the position of the sun and the moon affect your moods, reactions to events, and reactions to others. You will also be able to learn how these astrological influences affect the people that you have relationships with. This information will arm you with the necessary tools you will need in order to confront problems in relationships at the most opportune times.

The next step in using astrology to improve your relationships is to obtain software that will enable you to track planetary movements, planetary alignments, and other astrological phenomena. A simple start would be to Calculate your Cosmic Chemistry to find out if your current partner or potential is actually your soul mate.

On a larger scale you can have your whole year mapped out and take reference to this report to assist you to make the harder decisions and guide your through each turn you make. The most helpful astrology software will also provide descriptions of how these astrological phenomena can affect various signs and personalities. This information can assist you to plan those hard discussions, events that are important to you, and major decisions you may need to make. We have a great partner were our best-selling astrology reports were written and designed by Adrian Duncan. You can take a look at what he offers here.

The best thing about using astrology to improve or develop your relationships is that when you have done all of this research and have information collected you will be better prepared to understand your own emotions and reactions as well as those of the people in your relationships.

This will allow you to understand the basis behind the actions, reactions, and emotions of these people. It can help you understand when you are the cause of a problem, when they are the cause of a problem, and when astrological influences are simply making resolution difficult.

When you have this information you are able to better communicate with the people in your relationships. You will know when to distance yourself emotionally from decisions, and when you are most likely to have conflict so that it can be avoided with effort. When you understand astrological influences on yourself and your loved ones you will be better prepared to deal with anything that comes your way.

If you are about adding some craziness to your day creating a sketch of the type of person you are seeking may just be what you are looking after! Check out How this Soulmate Sketch & Reading Works and enlighten your thoughts on what your soul mate best friend would actually look like.

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